Master of Business Administration

Department Of Master of Busineess Administration

MBA department was founded in June 2006 with the aim of providing quality education in Business Administration to the students with modern state of the art facilities and competent faculty members. Department is functional under Jayawantrao Sawant College of Engineering, Hadapsar. It provides Master of Business Administration degree and is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (formerly known as University of Pune).

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From the HOD's Desk

" I am delighted that you are considering JSCOE-MBA to pursue your career oriented management education.
Our programme serves multifaceted needs of the student community such as enhancing the job prospects, entry into corporate world, and entrepreneurial passion. We are a very diverse Management College community with learners are drawn from all parts of India. We are also investing heavily in your future by providing top class facilities.
Our infrastructure will provide a top quality, 21st century learning environment. Your individual development is our priority.
Faculty and Mentors at JSCOE will play a key role in shaping your future. If you are up to the challenge, I invite you to apply to JSCOE-MBA- Pune for your All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) approved and Savitribai Phule Pune University affiliate Two Years full time Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme.
Come and discover the JSCOE(MBA) - Pune experience where education is world class, where student service exceeds expectations, where life experiences are unique and memorable and worldwide career prospects are exciting and rewarding.
Welcome to a world of difference! "

Prof. C. D. Hake
Head, Department of Master in Business Administration

Dr Sawant Sanjay Kalidas

Ph.D., MBA

Prof. Hake Chandrakant Dattatray

MBA & Ph.D pursuing

Dr. Deshmukh Shital Omprakash

Associate Professor
Ph.D., MBA

Dr. Deshpande Revati Lalitkumar

Associate Professor
Ph.D., MBA

Prof. Rai Sashi Bhushan

Assistant Professor
MBA & Ph.D pursuing

Prof. Chaudhary Sandeep Devidas

Assistant Professor

About Laboratories

Incubation Center

Under the research facility available in our full-fledged incubation center, we enable the students to know the different aspects of business environment. It facilitates the initial task of generating an idea followed by the intensive research of the market on local, national and international level. Thus our incubation center lays the solid foundation to create the business leaders of tomorrow.


1. To groom the budding entrepreneurs with required competencies.
2. To develop the self reliance attitude in students.
3. To provide require infrastructure to the budding entrepreneurs.
4. To mushroom the environment through various activities and assignments.

Economics and Management Research Laboratory

The Laboratory for Economics, Management provides our students in economics and management with laboratory environment.
The lab houses a computer network designed to simulate business activities such as markets and negotiations. Ongoing areas of inquiry include auctions, bargaining and dispute resolution, electronic markets, mechanism design, and decision science systems. In addition to research, our comprehensive laboratory produces classroom software, providing students with hands-on demonstrations of market principles and of decision-making behavior.

Virtual Class Room(VC)

Our virtual classroom enables participants to communicate with one another, view presentations or videos, interact with other participants, and engage with resources in work groups.

Key features of VC:-
1. Non-Restricting.
2. Flexible Learning.
3. Practical and Proven.
4. Accessible.

Training And Placement


The Placement Department is operated by professionals with commendable work experience from industry and academic field. It aims at providing placement to students in reputed companies with good packages. Department strives to bridge the gap between Industry and the Academia and the professional world ensuring the students are well-prepared before stepping into the job area.


1. To organize campus interviews for final year students and summer internship (training) for First year students with industries from all over India. To prepare students to face campus interviews by arranging training in Aptitude tests, group discussions, preparing for Technical and HR interviews through professional trainers.
2. To guide the students in developing skills and job-search strategies for meeting their lifelong career objectives.
3. Maintaining regular interaction with the industry through Seminars, Guest Lectures, Conferences, Corporate Meets etc Providing requisite training to students in the area of Personality Development and Communication Skills
4. To strive towards mapping the potential of deserving candidates to their entry level career
5. Collaborate with industry for live projects, Research work, workshop & Industrial visit with many industrial organizations.

Placement Activities

1. Interacting & developing rapport with all external/internal constituents of corporate at all levels for maximum corporate retention.
2. Coordinating with the corporate to understand their requirements in terms of candidate’s skill set, work experience, salary range, notice period etc.
3. Finding out new recruiters, Performing demand analysis and then organizing Pre-Placements or Placements as per requirement.
4. Guiding and motivating students, ensuring the process of controlling performance and maintaining healthy outlook of students for placements.
5. Meeting with students to identify their needs and document requirements, communicating with them throughout their process to manage student’s expectations, resolve issues, and provide process status.
6. Supporting Industrial Visits activities for students, guest lectures, orientation program, etc. Promoting career counseling through guidance lecture program by suitable corporate representatives.

The statistics of placement activity for the previous five years as shown below:

Sr.No Year Placement Status(%)
1 2011-12 100%
2 2012-13 96 %
3 2013-14 100 %
4 2014-15 86.66 %
5 2015-16 78 %
6 2016-17 82 %
7 2017-18 78 %

T&P Training

We have a dedicated Training and Placement department to hone the skills of the future managers. The primary objective of the department is to sharpen the skills which will be a prerequisite to survive in today’s competitive world. It is directed to fulfill the requirements of the industry by imparting the necessary skill-set to the students.
We facilitate the intensive training in following areas to uplift the persona of students:

1 Group Discussion
2 Personal Interview
3 Video sessions of eminent people belonging to various field
4 Resume Writing
5 Workshop on Aptitude Sessions
6 Importance of Body Language
7 Presentation Skills
8 Personality Development
9 Communication Skills
10 Confidence building skills
11 Public Speaking

T&P Co-ordinator

Prof. Sashi Bhushan Rai.

Student's Services

GFM( Guardian Faculty Member)

The teachers of the institution take up the responsibility of safeguarding and nurturing the newly admitted students. The teachers act as a buffer for all students and help them to get acclimatized to JSCOE environment. This scheme, which is perhaps the only one of its kind, guarantees additional assurance to the new comers and takes some burden off the parents and lessens their anxiety. The students are free to contact the counseling service with a wide range of worries, including personal, home and family relationships, depression, anxiety and loneliness. Through GFM scheme we identify the weak students and help them to eluminate the respective weakness.

The objectives of the scheme are

1. To acclimatize the new students to the campus life in JSCOE
2. To provide academic counseling
3. To enlighten the students on professional ethics and conduct
4. To communicate with the ward’s parents
5. Providing emotional support to students on individual basis.
6. Helping students overcome home sickness.
7. Establishing rapport between teachers, student & parents.
8. Monitoring attendance and behavioral aspects of every student.
9. Identifying weak areas and working out remedies helping students thereby taking their complete care.

Highlights of the Scheme

1. One teacher is nominated as ‘Teacher Guardian’ for fifteen students.
2. Teacher Guardian maintains all records of students in formats provided.
3. Teacher Guardian does all the follow up regarding attendance of students under his supervision.
4. Teacher guardian monitors academic performance of students.
5. Teacher guardian does counseling about studies.

Industry Interaction through Industry Visits

As part of the acdemics cutrriculam our students are exposed to the modern diamensions of industry through field visits to the respectives MSME as well as enterprise organization.

Following are the esteem organizations we visited.

1. Star Mech Control India Pvt.Ltd., Pune
2. Haire Appliances, Ranjangaon.
3. Kutwal Foods Pvt. Ltd., Shirur.
4. The Bombay Dyeing Mfg. Co. Ltd, Ranjangoan, Pune
5. Whirlpool of India Ltd,Ranjangaon MIDC, Pune.
6. Katraj Dhud Dairy, Pune.
7. SM Auto Pvt. Ltd. Chakan, Pune.
8. Fiat Motors, Pvt. Ltd. Ranjangaon MIDC, Pune

LMS- Learning Management System(MOODlE)

We have embeded moodle, a modern leraning management platform, in our curriculum. It has enabled our students to empower themselves with the textual, audio and visiual formats of the syllabus sucessfully.

Facilities for students

1. Virtual classroom.
2. Spacious AC lecture hall full equipped with LCDc Projector.
3. Well Equipped computer laboratory with lease line connectivity.
4. 27x7 library with more than 5000 books, 24 journals & digital library with e-journals.
5. Assistance for education loan.
6. Wi-Fi Campus.

Student's Association


National Seminar Association:

This association helps to organise state level and national level seminar for enhancing the knowledge and coordinating different activities. The prime motto of this association is “Knowledge beyond Books. Knowledge beyond Boundaries!”. It helps the students to acquaint with today’s competitive business environment. Our department conducted a national level seminar in association with SPPU titled “Business Analytics: A Paradigm Shift to traditional business processes.” Numerous experts from the industry and academia gave their deep insights to our students enabling them to understand the nitty-gritty of this pathbreaking sector of 21st century “Business Analytics”. They highlighted the qualities required to be a successful Business Analyst carrying the torch of Successful business intelligence.

Association for Cultural Event:

This association helps our students to organise different events like Antarnaad, Fiesta and Umang to showcase their artistic , choreographic , singing and hidden talent of our students at the state and national level competition. It increases the confidence and stage daring of the students. The objective of the association has been to enhance the personality of the students.

Association for Social Responsibility:

Amongst its several objectives, this association aims to contribute to the society with its charitable work to eradicate the poverty of the downtrodden section of the society. Under this association, our students have worked diligently for an orphanage, an elderly home and several such initiatives.

Association for Industry Interaction Interface:

This association acts as the front-end of our institution. It aims to streamline the interaction with the Industry sector which can prove vital in providing different career opportunities in future. Several field visits have been initiated through this association.

Induction- “AAGMAN-18”

JSPM’s JayawantraoSawant College of Engineering, Pune , one of India’s leading management institution welcomed the new batch of students to the new academic year 2018-2020 with a one-day induction programme for MBA programme. The induction programme was held on August 17 at VC Cultural Hall for new students who have enrolled for Master of Business Administration programme.
Along with an introduction to academics and areas covered in the various courses, the budding managers of tomorrow received the opportunity to hear from some of distinguished speakers from academia and industry. They shared their real life experiences at their industry domain as well as in the ventures they are involved in. Students were also addressed by the Principal at the inauguration ceremony.
Speaking on the occasion Hon Principal M.G. Jadhav welcomed the eager young minds of India’s future by addressing, “This year again when the institute opens its doors to a new batch of aspiring management professionals. We are delighted to welcome the incoming students and look forward to working with them. If there is one thing that our MBA department is known for is its legacy in carrying forward the torch of knowledge and character. I appreciate the hard work of MBA department in attaining the hatrick of admission. Our department will endeavor towards enhancing academic and professional development as well as the personal growth of the students over the next two years.” 
In an inspiring and motivating start to the induction programme ,Our chief guest Mr. Sachin Landge, Sr. HR Manager from Houghton International, explored the idea of “Unleash your potential”. He emphasized the importance of asking right questions to yourself in order to reach to the set of possible answers which might elude you in realizing your true potential. He highlighted unforgettable and learning oriented journey through the captivating activities. One such activity titled “uniting with an old friend” made students jump with ecstasy and nostalgia. With his inimitable style, he proceeded onto another interesting activity with Meditation at its core. Sitting in a calm composure with a serene music playing around , students were asked to imagine the different numbers in their varying color posture made an indelible impact in such a short duration for two minutes.
Continuing the momentum of programme introduction, Mr. Piyush Pal Singh, A Techno-expert from Aurion Pro India, evaluated the modern tools to define and distinguish today’s leaders. He, furthermore, added another dimension to the traditional definition of a Leader with an emphasis on mindfulness attaining prominence in today’s competitive era. He substantiated this interesting concept with several real-life examples from the human mankind.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, Prof. Shivanand Mohan, an erudite scholar from IIM Calicut, BITS Pilani threw the entire audience round the knowledge cliff by highlighting the lucrative dimension of human life, “Entrepreneurship- The Challenges and benefits before today’s youth”. He portrayed the risk taking ability with rich dividends paying in the long-term to the entrepreneurial adventure. He pleaded today’s managers to dwell into this unknown realm of human life with full aplomb, creating a unique difference in this global world. He enthused attendees "to get motivated by challenges and not be intimated by them". One should enjoy one's life and stay committed to one's purpose. The key is to compete with yourself and not others. Find encouragement in your challenges and watch yourself improve day-by-day".

Mini Tech Manthan

Mini Tech Manthan, a mini avatar of Manthan, was conducted in JSCOE MBA department on 25th August 2018.
“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge”.
Based on this theme, we conducted the Collage competition to impart the synergy of imagination and knowledge to the budding managers of tomorrow.

Poster Presentation:We conducted the poster competition (on management theme) amongst the students of First year and Second year students. The competition was focused on enhancing the various prerequisites in the modern world. Students were assessed on the basis of Communication, Coordination, Content and Presentation skills.

Teacher’s Day Celebration

To mark a huge respect to their beloved teacher, students organized the Teacher’s day celebration on 5th September 2018.
Program was a combination of Fun, Knowledge and Experience shared by students as well as the faculty members of MBA department. Inaugurated with the offer of tribute to Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the program began with great aplomb with some interesting insights shared by students about the significance of this day. It took all the faculty members on a roller-coaster ride with a series of interesting, adventurous games too.

Team Building Activity

Department Organized one day Team Building activity at purandar fort on 4th September 2018 for MBA-I and II year Students.
The main attraction of this adventurous sojourn was the indomitable spirit with which the diehard soldiers of MBA department marched to the mountain hill of Purandar. This adventure was the indication of synergistic Team work along with the Leadership skill coming together during the entire journey.

Seminar on Digital Marketing

MBA department had Organized One Day seminar on Digital Marketing for MBA-II year students on 31st August 2018.
This knowledge session was chaired by the eminent minds of the industry Mrs Vasasti and Mrs Dubey who shared unique insights on the emerging trends of Digital marketing. Furthermore, they added the requisite skill to be imbibed amongst the student who wish to join this bandwagon.

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Prof. Chandrakant D. Hake.
Head of Department
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Prof. S. B. Rai.
T&P Co-ordinator
JSPM’s Jayawantrao Sawant College Of Engineering
Sr.No.-58, Handewadi Road,Indrayani Nagar,Hadapsar,

Ph:- (020) 26970887/889 ext. 223 / 9975927949
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