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Program Assessment Committee


To assess Program curriculum

Role and Responsibility of PAC committee

  • Evaluates and monitors the attainment of POs.
  • Proposes necessary changes for continuous improvements.
  • Preparation of periodic reports on related activities, status reports for management and key stakeholders.
  • Motivate faculty members to attend/organize workshop/ seminar/FDP, paper publication, development of models/lab
  • Motivate students to attend/ participate tech competitions, paper presentations, mini projects/models, social/cultural events, skill development programs.
  • Conduct surveys, interaction with faculty, coordinators and other stakeholders.
  • Planning of co-curricular activities for attainment of Pos.

Program Assessment Committee Portfolio

1Prof. S.B.JagtapPAC Coordinator
Subject Coordinators
2 Prof. S. A. Patil Engineering Mathematics
3 Prof. A. A. Keskar Engineering Physics
4 Prof. N. D. Sharma Engineering Chemistry
5 Prof. S. B. Jagtap Basic Electronics Engineering
6 Prof. V. D. Malwade Basic Electrical Engineering
7 Prof. R. A. Bhalerao System in Mechanical Engineering
8 Prof. A. G. Hore Engineering Mechanics
9 Prof. S. R. Rangari Programming and Problem Solving

Internal Assessment

1. Unitwise Assessment :

Unit wise assignments are provided to the students for each subject. Timely submission of these assignments plays an important role in term work of the student. This assignment work will help students to prepare well for the SPPU theory examination.

2. Class Tests:

Unit wise class tests are conducted for each subject as per university pattern. This helps students to enhance their writing skills, time management during exam and presentation skill for theory exam.

3. Internal Pre-Insem:

Two Pre-Insem are conducted in each semester. Pre-Insem is based on unit 1&2 and the exam is of 30 marks each. The Exam enhances performance of students in SPPU Insem theory examination.

4. Preliminarry Examination:

Prelim exam of 70 marks is conducted after completion of syllabus as per university pattern. Retests are conducted for failed students in the prelim exam. This helps students to score good marks in SPPU theory exam.