The Engineering Sciences Department provided the students with various services for their overall development. The Department provides Services like,

Guardian Faculty Member

In this technology age, the resources are abundant but we strongly believe in the importance of teachers to shape the all-round personality. In the role of teacher, we encourage independent thought, independent investigation and ultimately independent learning.

Purpose of Guardian Faculty Member(G.F.M.):

1. Student Diversity: Our students owe better diversity in terms of backgrounds, family culture, socio-economic conditions, academic profiles, etc. All the student diversities can give better effect if teachers are doing intentional efforts to blend them.
2. The quantum of students may be hurdle to server individual’s need and sharpen the
differentiated but student specific potential.

Constitution of Guardian Faculty Member:

1. Every batch of approximately 15 students in the class is assigned by one teaching faculty to cater individuals need.
2. The scope of problem solving is at par. i.e. all the queries of student not only teaching- learning and technical problems but every problem of their life up-to carrier building.
3. Activities are planned to nourish their inter-personal and Intra-personal skills.
4. G.F.M. interact them weekly basis as a regular practice, however students can approach them any time.
5. Regular reporting about the activities by G.F.M. to HoD and Principal.

Advantages of G.F.M. System:

1. To promote the personal/social, educational, and career development of all students
2. To address the problems of diversified student quantum.
3. To supervise individual student’s growth.
4. To provide an opportunity for an individual to see a variety of available options and thereafter, assist the student in making a wise choice.
5. Enhancing the student interest in the academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
6. To build affinity and sense of conducive atmosphere which is the most probable key factor

Additional Student Services :

1. ICT based WiFi enabled Classroom
2. Audio-Video Lectures Facility
3. Well equipped Laboratory
4. Separate Internet Lab for self-learning
5. Departmental Library and e-learning facility
6. Batch wise Practice Sessions
7. Student to student Counseling
8. Extra and Remedial Session
9. support for Extensive doubt clearing
10. Guest Lectures by Domain Expert
11. Industrial/ Field Visit