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Engineering Chemistry Laboratory


Engineering Chemistry laboratory contains all the Chemicals & instruments to perform experiments which are useful to understand the concepts present in the syllabus.

1.To determine hardness of water by EDTAmethod. CO1
2. To determine the alkalinity of a given sample of water. CO1
3. To determine strength of strong acid using pHmeter. CO2
4. To determine maximum wavelength of absorption of CuSO4, verify Beer’s law and find unknown concentration in given sample (Colorimetry).CO5
5. Titration of mixture of weak acid and strong acid with strong base using conductometer. CO2
6.Preparation of Urea-Formaldehyde resin and its Characteristics. CO3
7.To determine molecular weight of a polymerPolyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) by viscosity measurements.CO3
8.Estimation of moisture and ash content in a given coal sample.(Proximate Analysis)CO4