Department of Information Technology

Department Of Information Technology

The Information Technology department has been started with an intake capacity of 60 students in June 2005. Most of the faculty members have done their P.G. Some are persuing their P.G.

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From the HOD's Desk

Department of Information Technology is prepared to meet the challenges and is playing a leadership role in shaping the education by providing unique educational and research opportunities in the forefront of Information Technology,Computer Engineering and their applications.

The students are focused with the use of conceptual understanding of core domain areas in Computing as well as enhanced programming skills disseminating their analytical abilities. Our aim is to provide our students the lifelong learning and leadership skills that enable them to grow in their professions and advance to positions of responsibility by effective Industry-Institute Interaction. The Department has an excellent placement record and the placed students are in prestigious software industries all over the world.

Dr. S. V. Todkari
Head, Department of Information Technology

Prof. J. S. Patil

Associate Professor
M.E.I.T.(Ph.D. Pursuing )

Dr. S. V. Todkari

Associate Professor

Prof. A. K. Gupta

Associate Professor
M. Tech CSE

Prof. S. U.Ayachit

Assistant Professor
M.E. Computer

Prof. M. K. Gawali

Assistant Professor
M.Tech. Computer

Prof. A. V. Deshpande

Assistant Professor
M.Tech. IT

Prof. V. R. Pawar

Assistant Professor
M.E. Computer

Prof. S. S. Nannaware

Assistant Professor
M.E. Computer

Prof. A. K. Kale

Assistant Professor
M.E. Comp

Prof. V. V. Kalunge

Assistant Professor
M.E. Comp

Prof. S. R. Rangari

Assistant Professor
M Tech. (CSE)

Prof. D. A. Gaikwad

Assistant Professor
M.E. Computer Networks

Prof. S. D. Satav

Associate Professor
M.E (CSE/IT), Ph.D Pursuing

Performance Indicators

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IOT Club

Data Science Club

Innovation Club

Flash Club

Electro Sparkle Club

Discovery Club

Student's Services


The objective of this skill development scheme is to enable and mobilize large number of learners to take up outcome based skill training and become employable and earn their livelihood. Apart from providing training according to industrial requirement, Skill development scheme shall also impart training in soft skills. Duration of the training varies per their course.


Upon successful completion of their assessment, candidates shall be provided placement assistance by Training Partners.

Departmental Library

Departmental Library intends to incorporate the latest technology & adopt user friendly towards students and faculty. It is well equipped with a large collection of textbooks, reference books, competitive exams like GATE, GRE related books. Near about 845 books are available in our departmental library. The collection of books, reports and other reading resources are adequate for not only domain specific resources but for also general resources.

List of Books:
1. Software Engineering
2. Computer Organization
3. Advance Computer Architecture and computing
4. Discrete Mathematics
5. Advance Computer Architecture
6. Microprocessor Technics
7. Internet and java programming
8. Data Structure
9. Programming with C
10. Digital Electronics & microprocessor
11. Fundamental of Data structure
12. Digital Electronics & microprocessor
13. Artificial Intelligence
14. Let us C
15. Data communication & Networking
16. Computer Graphics
17. Microprocessor 8085
18. Compilers Priciples Techniques & Tools
19. Mobile computing
20. Database Management Systems
21. Java-2 Programming
22. XML
23. Theory of Computation
24. System Programming & Operating Systems
25. Asp.Net
26. TCP/IP Protocol Suite
27. Visual basic 6
28. Succeed of Interviews

Sr. No. Title Duration
1 FACE Training-FACE is one of Indias Largest Higher Education focused skill development company which trains in Quantitative Aptitude, Soft Skill, Group Discussion, Personality Development etc. 138 hrs.
2 Zensar-ESD(Employability Skills Development) Program Training which provides Aptitude, Soft Skills, Core Java,.Net, SQL etc. 576 hrs.
3 Workshop on Data Science using MapReduce- In this Environment Setup, Map-Reduce with examples, Hive Database topics are covered 1Day
4 Workshop on Developers Thrust-In this knowledge delivery as well as hands-on for Java, Connecting with MySQL & Python covered 3 Day
5 Lab As a Museum- It is a Self-learning laboratory in which students can get knowledge about Animation & Graphics technology. available after 3.30 pm
6 Spoken Tutorial - IIT Bombay Certification For S.E- C/ C++ T.E - JAVA B.E-PHP 4 hrs. in a week
7 NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning) for- S.E- C T.E- TOC, OS, DBMS B.E-Internetwork Security, Machine learning June to October
8 ICT based training for Data Science & Big Data Analytics 40 hrs.
9 ICT based training for Introduction to IoT 2 Days
10 ICT based training for Teaching Techniques 2 Days

Student's Association


The department has started to form Information Technology Students Association ITSA from the year 2007. The aim of this association is to carry out different activities such as software contest, paper presentation, seminars, quiz competition, group discussion, aptitude & technical test preparation etc. All the activities are arranged & carry out by the student under the guidance of faculty member.
Under ITSA different curricular and co-curricular enhancement activities are conducted for example different workshops, expert lectures, industrial visits, fresher’s party, farewell party. Motivation to students is given through these activities by prize distribution.


To support student’swelfare, curricular and extracurricular activities. Organize different events which facilitates student’s academic and personal growth.


To achieve excellence in academic and extracurricular activities which develops student’s allrounder personality.


1. Student clubs-

Information Tech department started Student club for keeping in view the all-round development of students, various clubs like coders club, Project and research club and placement club etc. Under this club students actively organize and participate in various activities of these clubs.
The main outcome of these club activities is promoting technical and programming skills of the students.

a) Coders Club:

The Coders Club has been started with the objective of development and exchange of relevant knowledge to learn and develop skills in various aspects of programming and become aware of technological advancements in various spheres of information technology.
This Club mainly focuses on training and developing the coding skills of the fellow members for learning various diversities of Coding and Design It is the first coding club to assist and help the juniors from the very basics of programming.

Code War 2018

b) Project and research club:

The main objective of Project and research club is to provide a research platform to students through development of various projects.
This club organizes various activities for upgrading the research quality of the students as well as elevating the innovative skills.
The main focus of this club is to illustrate their innovative ideas and thereby encouraging them to enhance their research skills.
This club organizes many student research activities like sharing creative ideas on a stage, presenting on-going in house projects, guidance for paper presentation, project expos and lot more.

Two days workshop on Software testing

Project Exhibition 2018-19

Techmanthan 2018-19

Farewell Party 2018-19

Parent Meet 2018

Poster and paper presentation on 8th September 2018

1. To provide platform to students to explore presentation skills.
2. To build team work and leadership quality among students.

1. Posters and papers on various social and technical topics are presented in the event through which program outcomes PO6- The engineer and society and PO7- Environment and sustainability are attained.

2. It is a group activity which helps to enhance skills such as team work and leadership. So, PO9- Individual and team work is attained.

3. The presentation event enhances ability to communicate effectively social and technical information in speech, presentation, and in visual form. It maps program outcome PO10- Communication.

Principal Dr. M.G. Jadhav and campus director Dr. V.A. Bugde are the chief guest for the event. The inaugural function is held in the department. Event was organized for TE and BE students.

Mr. Swayam Aute and Ms. Sana from TE are student coordinators for the event.

Prof. S.U. Ayachit and Prof. M.K. Gawali are staff coordinators for the event.

Total 125 students have participated in event.

TE students have presented a poster on different tracks such as Professional ethics and etiquettes, digital and social media marketing, leadership and personality development, green construction and design in a group. BE students have presented a paper in a group of on various tracks such as Critical Thinking, Green Computing, Emotional Intelligence and Statistical learning model using R.

Prof. A.V. Deshpande, Prof. V. V. Kalunge and Prof. D.A. Gaikwad are the judges for poster presentation.

Prof. J.S. Patil,Prof. A.K. Gupta ,Dr. P.D. Lambhate and Prof. S.S. Nannaware are the judges for paper presentation.

Winners for event-
3 winners for poster presentation

Winners Topic Group Members
1 Digital and social media marketing Abhijeet Mohanta
Mondal Afshana
Shah Yash
2 Digital and social media marketing Veda Kunjir Priti
Khatape Parth Kodgire
Bhushan Mahadik
3 Professional ethics and etiquettes Pratiksha Bangar
Priyanka Ghate
Deeksha Gupta
Darshana Jadhav

3 winners for paper presentation

Winners Topic Group Members
1 Critical Thinking Akash Shinde
Mahesh Patil
Akshay Usnale
Nage Abhijeet
2 Green Computing Dusane Megha
Rakshe Rupali
Patil Akash
Mhaskar Sonali
Latkar Shubham
3 Green Computing Shinde Vrushali
Wattamwar Prerna
Yerwar Pranali
Jambhulkar Priti

Fresher’s Party 2018

IT Placement

IT Workshops

Contact Us

Dr. S. V. Todkari
Head, Department of Information Technology
JSPM’s Jayawantrao Sawant College Of Engineering
Sr.No.-58, Handewadi Road,Indrayani Nagar,Hadapsar,

Phone No-020-26970886
E-mail ID-

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